Often overlooked by some, but never under-appreciated by those who have invested in a quality gearbox and differential. Road or race, you can get the most of your power plant by matching your gearing and limited slip components. HRG can best match your vehicle and usage to the proper set up for good times and lap times. Sales and rebuilding services are available to both in house and approved mail in clients.



Our suspension and shock tuning offerings are available to our in house customers and approved mail in clients. Our sales, dyno, and rebuilding capabilities cover the very best in current motorsports dampers. Alignment and corner balance in house is also available and tailored to vehicle, driver, and track so you know you are showing up ready to run in session one. Rather cruise the hot rod down HWY 1? We can handle that too.



Our track support offerings are focused towards running Porsche GT cars at the level and respect that you and your high performance vehicles deserve. We can provide everything you need for quality open lapping days at nearby APEX Motor Club or club racing support from Laguna Seca to Circuit of the Americas. A dedicated stacker semi-trailer for transportation of vehicles, equipment, spares, hospitality, and data support is available to ensure you are prepared for success.

We are back! And we’re more focused than ever on delivering the best Porsche vehicle ownership experience possible. Over 40 years of success in the Porsche motorsports industry doesn’t happen by mistake. It takes passion, hard work, attention to detail, extensive knowledge, high quality standards, and the ability to constantly learn, adapt and overcome in the pursuit of perfection. At HRG, we have been deeply involved with generations of Porsche vehicles, enthusiasts, racing series, pricing highs and lows, hotrod fads, and collectors bubbles. Through it all we’ve collected the skills required to handle various Porsche ownership goals and expectations. Now our lighter footprint and more focused operation is tailored to the most discerning clientèle that accept only the best in performance and reliability on road and track.



Our data acquisition and wiring harness offerings are tailored for clients that want the best. No piggybacks, tangled messes, or same color wire guesses here. Professional level wiring harness and the best equipment on the market are standard operating procedure. Performance and reliability are a must when it comes to upgrading in this area of vehicle and you can expect nothing less.



HRG has long been known for consistent, reliable, and powerful road and racing engines. In fact, we still have high performance Motec injected 930 engines build in the 90’s tearing up the roads today. Air and water cooled engine projects can each have their unique challenges, but 40 years of overcoming them with quality workmanship and engineering is in our back pocket. Road or race, we have a product and solution that will get you moving every time you turn the key, flip the switch, or press the go button.



At HRG we realize not every Porsche owner becomes the next Patrick Long when they grab the keys. However, we can help you improve your skills behind the wheel in numerous ways. From virtual training and race craft discussions to trackside coaching and support, we can help you become more confident, more skilled, more knowledgeable, and ultimately a faster and safer competitor or driver. Let us know your goals behind the wheel and we’ll clearly lay out a plan and strategy to help you attain them.

Phoenix area By Appointment 520.866.0911 6 Miles from the Apex Motor Club Track 30 Minutes from Wild Horse Pass Motorsports Park



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